Our Mandate

NLSACPC provides non-judgmental support and essential services to adults impacted by sexual violence. Our members work toward the prevention and eradication of sexual violence in all forms through public education and awareness campaigns.

The crisis services of NLSACPC are accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, socio-economic status, ability, religious beliefs or geographical location.

Free Services

Phone Support

Our most utilized public resource is the 24 hour a day crisis line, which is used by women and men who need support or information regarding sexual violence. A volunteer can be reached to answer questions, provide emotional support, or just listen. All calls are treated confidentially. This means we do not require callers to tell us their name, where they live, etc. We do not subscribe to call display. Even if a caller chooses to share 'identifying' information, we do not maintain written records of these call details. It is important to us that callers feel assured that we take confidentiality seriously. Wherever possible we will make every effort to protect the identity of callers. Please note, if we receive a call regarding a minor who is in danger, or if the caller is in danger of hurting him/herself, or another person, we are required by law to pass on information to the appropriate authorities.

Peer Support and Referrals

We do not offer counseling at this time, however our crisis-line workers are trained and educated in issues of sexual violence and are able to meet with callers in the St. John's region. Peer support is available by appointment, which can be arranged by calling the 24 hour line or the office. Our current office space is not wheelchair accessible, however we can arrange an alternate, accessible site for peer support. Wherever possible, callers are provided with information on other available community supports that may meet their needs, including professional counseling services.


When requested by a victim, we will accompany a him or her to medical and legal procedures in St. John's and surrounding areas. Volunteers are available to provide support during emergency hospital procedures, forensic examination procedures, police, court, meetings with lawyers, etc.

Self Help Groups

Support groups for adults are available when resources allow and a demand exists.

Educational Material

Written information on sexual assault can be sent via mail or fax to individuals or organizations, upon request. Please contact the office for details on what materials are available.

Presentations and Information Sessions

NLSACPC offers educational presentations that are designed to raise awareness about sexual violence. Any or all of these presentations can be booked for public events or private groups by contacting our office.

All of our services are free of charge, but we may ask organizations to cover or contribute to costs associated with travel.

Who We Are

NLSACPC is the only sexual assault crisis centre in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Centre is managed by dedicated volunteers and staff who realize the value of providing free, immediate support and information to victims of sexual violence. Although we are not professional counselors, our crisis and education volunteers are trained in matters of sexual violence. Because we are passionate about providing victims with the best support possible in their time of crisis, our members are always seeking opportunities to learn about current developments in sexual violence issues.

Typically the Centre benefits from the support of 10 to 20 core volunteers. Due to funding limitations, we have only one full time permanent employment position, our Centre Coordinator. When funding allows, temporary staff is hired.

The Butterfly Logo

We have chosen a butterfly as our Centre logo to commemorate the courage of victims of sexual violence who rise above the pain and impact of their assault. It is a symbol of the hope, strength and beauty that survivors of sexual violence can re-discover as they go through a journey of healing. It is a symbol of peace, which reminds us of our hope that one day we will live in a society that is free from the threat and fear of violence. An ideal symbol of this freedom, the butterfly reminds us why we must continue the effort to end sexual violence.

Our Heritage

The Centre began as the St. John's Rape Crisis and Information Centre in 1977. Initially servicing the St. John's region, the Centre eventually expanded its services to the entire province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The operation of a toll-free crisis line was the first important step in making our services more accessible to victims, regardless of location. In 1999 the Centre became incorporated and received charitable organization status. We are now known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Assault Crisis & Prevention Centre, Inc. The Centre has undergone many changes throughout the years, but it has always been fortunate in attracting dedicated volunteers who share a vision for a better future.

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