Many people who are impacted by sexual violence find it helpful to share their feelings with others in a group setting. If you are interested in participating in a support group or self-help group, please contact our office to find out about the current availability. By calling the office and letting us know you are interested, you may place your name on a list so you can be contacted at a future time when a sufficient number of participants have expressed interest. Group services will also be advertised publicly and on our website as they become available. The focus of the groups will be largely determined by community needs, so please contact us with your suggestions.

12-week Support Group for Women

Date: To be announced
Focus: Survivor's Group: Healing through Sharing. A Group for Women Survivors of Sexual Assault
Status:Currently seeking participants.

This program is designed to support women who have experienced sexual violence. Participants meet once per week for a total of 12 weeks. The program covers a variety of issues that effect the healing process. Once the program begins, it is closed to new participants. The group itself will be small in order to foster a safe, comfortable environment for participants. The venue will be accessible. Please call the office to leave your name, or for further details: 747-7757.

Healing in Harmony: Knowledge, Spirit, Heart & Mind

This series of 3 workshops is designed to provide survivors with a greater understanding of sexual violence, how it affects your life, and effective ways to navigate through your experiences.  There is no charge for the workshops, and lunch will be provided. Men and women are invited to register. Please call 747-7757.

Workshop 1 - Understanding Sexual Violence
Workshop 2* - Sexual Violence & Addiction
Workshop 3* - Forgiveness, Justice & Suffering

(*Please note, as the workshops are connected, workshop 2 and 3 require the completion of workshop 1.)

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Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Support group for women who have experienced sexual violence.

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